Remedial massage therapy tailored to you in east Bristol

Easton and Redfield, Bristol, UK

What is remedial massage?

​Remedial massage is a remedy. I am trained in remedial and sports massage. I prefer the term "remedial" because you don't have to be a sports-person to benefit and it doesn't have to be painful to be effective (a common assumption around "sports massage").  I draw on techniques from sports massage, deep tissue massage and holistic (relaxing) massage to create a massage treatment tailored to your unique body.


Why massage therapy?

  • Some aches and pains can be relieved simply by introducing movement into the tissues. Massage therapy is one of the best ways to do this.

  • By increasing blood flow through tissues, deep tissue massage can promote recovery and relieve areas of stiffness

  • Remedial massage techniques like soft tissue release and muscle energy technique are excellent at lengthening muscles to reduce imbalances between muscles that should be working together.

  • Drainage massage techniques can reduce inflammation.

  • Receiving a massage treatment can help you learn more about your body

  • Touch has powerful therapeutic properties for body and mind.

Your massage treatment

I practice from my home studio in Redfield on Tuesdays and Eastern Yoga therapy room on Saturdays. In order to create the best massage treatment for you, we will start with a consultation which may include a postural assessment. Because this is your massage and you know your body best, you can make changes to the massage at any time. There is no script or choreography. When receiving a massage treatment from me I respond to your needs and the tissue quality I find during the massage. After the massage I will provide self care advice tailored to you in the form of stretches or exercises to maintain the effects of the massage and/or further improve your health.


A good massage is a rare and all-absorbing pleasure.

Touch is the first of our five senses to have evolved - knowing where we are in space and how we relate to our surrounding environment is the most instinctive comfort.

In an increasingly touch-deprived society I believe that touch, especially touch with therapeutic intention like massage, has amazing healing power for everyone. Touch increases oxytocin, and dopamine, reduces stress hormones, and helps the body rest and reset. Sports massage uses this property of touch on a focused scale - touch encourages healing in muscles, joints and connective tissue. Holistic (relaxing) massage uses more broad approach, encouraging the rest systems of the body to activate, these include immune and digestive function.

I had been practicing massage on friends and family for 10 years until, in 2016, I qualified in Holistic Massage (MTI Level 4) and began massaging professionally. Since then I have qualified in Remedial and Sports Massage (MTI Level 5) and conducted personal research into the science of touch, and how trauma presents in the body.


My Principles: Care for people, their diversity, safety and need for love and acceptance.


"Heather has and intuitive sense that is very well developed. She seemed to work out which areas really needed help without being told. She also had warm hands that seemed to impart energy. Very chilled out now."

Louise Ferdinando

“Her hands were really good. It felt like an incredibly safe experience – healing and holding. Great.”

Anna Robinson

"The experience was excellent. Heather is a lovely therapist and the massage was brilliant."

Sharon McVeigh




46 Greenbank Road, Bristol, UK